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In this article, we’ll cover inbound referrals & how to keep track of which opportunities or deals came from a particular referral partner in the CRM.

Here, you can see we’re creating a deal:

We have the Deals module named “Opportunities” in our CRM. Most of the fields are pretty typical: the deal name, the account name, the type of the deal, etc..

Further down, we have a “Referred By” field. When we click on it, you can see we only have one option, the referral partner name.

Let’s save this opportunity and go to the Referral Partners module.

This is just the Vendors module renamed.

Click “Projects Generated” on the bottom left, and you’ll be taken to the related list:

Notice it has the opportunity we’ve just added.

How It Works

Click Setup on the top right. Next, go to Customization > Modules and Fields.

From here, go to the Opportunities module.

Let’s have a look at the “Referred By” lookup.

You can see that the lookup module is Referral Partners, and again, we achieved that by simply renaming the Vendors module to Referral Partners.

For the Related List Title, we put “Projects Generated”.


This is a relatively simple but powerful way to keep track of which referral partners are generating how many deals. Importantly, you can also create reports to track how many projects each referral partner has brought in.

For this tutorial in video form, click here