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When you’re using Twilio SMS for the first time, you’ll find that if you reply to the SMS sent by Twilio SMS extension, you’ll get this annoying message, “Thanks for the message. Configure your numbers, SMS your URL to change this message. Reply help for help. Reply stop to unsubscribe.”

You probably don’t want your customers to receive if they reply to you. So how do we fix this?

The Solution

There are two ways to solve this. If you are using Zoho CRM, you can install Smooth Messenger and it will make sure the auto reply isn’t sent. If you’d rather not use Smooth Messenger, you can set up a “TwiML Bin”. First, log into your Twilio Console. Under “All Products & Services”, go down to TwiML Bins.

Next, click the big red “plus” to create a new one. We’ll set ours up to receive messages without replying, before clicking clicking Create:

Copy the URL and go back to “Phone Numbers”. Click your number and scroll down to the “Messaging” section. Next, fill out the sections like so, choosing the TwiML Bin you just created:

Now our messages will be recorded in the Messages Log without those annoying replies. Good luck!

For this tutorial in video form, click here