In this article, we’ll be discussing how to learn Deluge Script. We’ll also be giving handy tips for beginners and expert programmers alike.

Finding A Teacher

Learning Deluge hasn’t always been so convenient. In the old days, documentation was patchy. Picking up the Script wasn’t as easy as googling “Deluge tutorial”. If you were lucky, you could find a forum that answered your questions.

Nowadays, you’ve got an endless list of high-quality courses and guides to choose from. Our founder, Jeremy Nagel, has two Zoho related courses on Udemy. For free options, we recommend creator.zoho.com/learndeluge. It allows you to go through all of the language elements and gives you a full tour of everything you need to know. The course will teach you step by step, with an interactive coding laboratory that lets you experiment and explore. Upon completing it, you’ll have a solid overview of data types, conditional statements, debugging, lists, and maps for Deluge.

Building Your Knowledge

This will give you a great foundation to build your knowledge upon. However, real fluency comes with doing exercises in Deluge Script. In future articles, we’ll describe what exercises are the best for skill testing. Plus, we’ll walk you through solving problems of increasing difficulty.

In addition to the online course, you’ll want to study the Zoho documentation and written lessons. It’s all broken down into overall areas of study, especially built-in functions. You will also have access to Script Builder. While typically unfavorable among veteran Deluge programmers, this neat tool can be extremely helpful to beginners. It features pre-written code, auto-completion, and drag/drop options (it’s basically the Grammarly of Deluge Script).


We hope this article gave you some ideas on becoming proficient in Deluge Script. Make sure to look out for our following articles (that will feature some basic exercises). Once you’ve taken the course, these will be great practice.

For a video overview of Deluge Script in Zoho, click this link