Zoho CRM has been bestowed with some excellent features in recent years including one that I’m going to show you today, which is the checklist feature within blueprints. I love checklists and I was pretty excited when I saw the feature announcement.

Have a look at this. I change to a new status and I get a very informative checklist up here that helps me to wash the dishes. 

You might be wondering, “How did he do this? How did he come up with not only such an important checklist about washing dishes, but how did he get it within the CRM, and how can I do the same thing?”

What you need to do is go into your CRM, go to “setup,” then go to “automation,” and then finally go to “blueprints.”

Open up a blueprint and then go to a transition. In this example, we will go to this particular transition where I’ve set a checklist up.

After that, we will go to the “during” tab.

Next, we will scroll down and click on “add.”

At this point, if you don’t already have a checklist, then you will be able to add one up here. 

I can set the title of the checklist and I can add as many items as I want. Blueprint checklists are a massive step up from the previous approach I used: setting up workflows which create ten different tasks. That approach was really unmanageable compared to the checklist approach.

I am excited about using this and I wish you best of luck using the checklist feature within Zoho CRM.